When we can’t make it to church…

I get so bummed. I really actually hate it. I get so bothered when we miss a Sunday and a sermon.

There’s always an important lesson to be learning and a new word of God coming through.

When we miss it I feel like I have missed something special. Something I was supposed to hear. Something I know I could’ve used for the week. But I missed it.

I missed God entering the room and laying hands on all of us while we worship Him.

I missed His love that fell across everyone and brought many to tears.

I know there’s a podcast that comes out every week of the service and now a live YouTube stream because of this quarantine, but it doesn’t feel the same. The energy just isn’t the same.

But I listen to it and watch it anyways and try to find a piece of the peace that was left in that room.

Find a piece of the peace that God has brought into mine or my mother in laws home.

I search for it and try to grab it. Try to hold onto it and pray it’ll stay in my arms for all the time long.

But we miss it. And I hate missing it. We deal. We try our darndest to feel His presence and pray ourselves clean from the junk picked up in the week and we keep going.

I think when it comes to church, when it comes to God, it shouldn’t matter what room you’re in. Or how you’re hearing His word- if it’s truly Him, if it’s authentically Him, He will be there. He will come and lay on you. He will show up at your home and be glad He was invited.

And while I know things are going to start opening back up again and live is going to become “the new normal” I urge you to invite His presence into your daily mundane.

What do you think would happen if we lived everyday like we couldn’t make it to church. Like we had to look for God outside that building everyday?

Just a thought…

Living. Loving. Believing.

Emily A G🙏🏻

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