June Garden Update

Things have been growing slowly but surly in our gardens as of recent.

I’m actually not fully sure what’s happening with some things verses the others but there are some obvious “winners” when it comes to my heart.

The tulips are back and I’m not fully sure how. But thank goodness because I missed them! (We where also told they would never come back… so yeah 👍🏻)
Cantaloupe! The seeds have sprouted and I’m beyond ready to see how much fruit I can get this year!
So this is possibly a Balloon Milkweed that made it through a seed that got lodged somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be. Hoping it is actually a Balloon Milkweed and not just a weed I saved 😅
This is Jasmine. We took a clipping from the MILs home and bing bang boom! Now it’s growing, it’s been rooted, and I gotta figure out a good place to plant it in the next couple months.
Pomegranate update! As happy as I was about all of the flowers… they are all falling off. Every single one of them. But it’s still young and the branches are probably just not strong enough yet… So. That’s that.
Oregano is in the ground in a perfect spot for it to grow and crawl finally! I have been honestly waiting and waiting for an oregano plant. I’m so glad it’s finally happened.
My toilet roses are blooming! It’s been exciting and my favorite thing now to look at when washing the dishes. My view usually isn’t all that great but this has made it extra special.

Not photoed is the apple tree. All of the blossoms are gone and only one Apple has survived and is growing. As much as I’m thankful for the one Apple I gotta day I’m pretty bummed to go from so many potential apples to only one making it through. But oh well, there will always be next year!

Other then that things are moving slowly and surely in the gardens and getting to work just like I like. Hopefully I’ll have a better update for you next time!

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G🌱

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  1. I think what you have labeled as a tulip, it actually a calla lily? The plant you saved is definitely a milkweed, so let’s hope it is the Balloon milkweed that you want! Let us know. Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! 👋🏻 now I’m completely unsure! 😅 I don’t believe I have ever planted Calla Lilies in that area. Only tulip and daffodil bulbs! Oh goodness… lol!
      And I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the Balloon Milkweed!! 🤞🏻


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