Things have been different lately…

If you haven’t been able to tell. The world has been changing, people have started changing, I have begun changing (again), everything is moving in a new direction.

So why shouldn’t my blog go through a change as well?

I have been sensing that changes are coming to my blog for awhile now but I haven’t felt exactly what those changes would look like. Would it be more recipes? More talking about our gardens? Less talking about myself?

Nope. For all the things I thought I would be taking away it turns out I will be adding something. I’m going to add in more about my relationship with God and what I feel He is directing me to do with my life. I know I have said over and over over the years that I’m going to be more open about myself on this site and I think this may be the way I’m going to officially accomplish that.

Some writing will be poetry to Him, some will be the stories I have seen Him do in my life and the others around me. Some will be me just trying to write out what I am seeing in His heart over my life and marriage.

So this blog is changing.

Just like I changed when I added Him to my life.

This blog is going to change because I’m officially adding Him to it.

Living. Loving. Worshiping.

Emily A G

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