August Instagram Recap

August. August. August. You’ve been hot. You’ve been a lot of good hard work and you’ve been hot. Very hot. I didn’t enjoy that part. Lots of things got done and even more got pushed aside due to extreme heats. More water less workout was the key to surviving the heatwaves for me 😅 I really really hate heat. Hate it. I moved away from AZ to get away from the heat. It followed me apparently.

Also, you got away from me August. I thought I had a handle on the month but you suddenly flew by and I lost track 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hense why this post is late…

Summer time in a bottle ☀️
And like my favorite! 😍
I know it’s not a pretty photo but I’m fricken excited!
Baby Red Potatoes sprouting officially! Between these going and the Idaho’s almost being ready I’m just the happiest of ladies.
Plus… think of the #PotatoJuice 🥔
Work break vibes 🥾
Focus. 👀
It’s all about what we focus on.
I could see the mess in this photo. 🧺
I could see all the junk laying around my kitchen table while it’s been my desk the passed year.
But I’m not. 🙅🏻‍♀️
Because I got a cute UO tea cup I found on PoshMark, filled it with Hershey Kisses and now have it on my Lazy Susan.
And that ladies and gentlemen is exciting for me. 🍫❤️
Makes me happy. Really happy. 😊
And has changed my focus for the day.
Hense the photo.📸
Our Basil plant is finally doing beautifully!!! 🌿
I’m gonna be talking about our gardens tomorrow on the blog. Things are truly growing big and strong in this season! (While I’m sitting inside the AC wilting!) ☀️
Pecan Caramel Poke Cake! 😍
I only had so much of each ingredient for this cake recipe so I ended up having to divide it in half. 🙍🏻‍♀️
The first one I made as a mini 3 tier and then this one I made into a poke cake.
Swipe ➡️ to see the mini 3 tier. I was in a rush and had no time for good photos. It also has a bit of a lean to it 😅 #ignorethat
A smile is just a frown…
Flipped upside down…
No wonder the strawberries seem to be having issues.
It’s days like this, in an excessive heat warning,☀️that I’m even more thankful to be a homemaker. 💚
Making sure I’m around to give extra water and love to our food gardens is more satisfying then I could ever think. 🌱
Purple Haze…💜
Puuurple Haze…💜💜
I know that’s not the lyrics but it’s what I think every time I see these Purple Haze Tomatoes growing…
It’s hot out. 🥵
Not as hot as earlier on the week but hot enough. 😕
So I made Strawberry Limeade. 🍓
And here’s a photo of me holding it weirdly in my yard…🏡
because content… ya know? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Welp! The one Apple is growing big and strong! It’s gonna be bigger then last years for sure!
First the cat…😹
Now the dog…🐶
Looks like my strawberries have more issues then I first realized 😂
Baked cookies. 🍪
Because the jar was low. 🤦🏻‍♀️
And I craved them last night and I needed to settle this issue inside of me.
Ocean fishing off the jetty 🎣
Watching people floating in the air 🪂
What a neat evening that was 🌊🌙

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G☀️

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