A Story about Shampoo and God

We have all had something we loved in our lives that we just couldn’t have. For some it is gluten, others tequila, but for me… it is pineapple.

And I looooovvvveeeee pineapple 🍍 It’s honestly one of my favorite things to eat! If only it didn’t make my throat start itching and then swelling so bad…

But because I hate being told I can’t, in all areas of my life, I tried to find loop holes. I mean let’s be honest don’t we all? Just test our limits a little? See where you can and where you can’t? Well it’s what I do at least.

Soooo I thought a shampoo and conditioner set with the scent or pineapple and sweet melon would be no big issue. So I bought it! Excitedly I may add! Even thought, I felt some doubt.

It arrived and I used it immediately! But even after one use I again, felt this overwhelming feeling of, “Okay you tried it. That’s enough.” But I wanted more.

Let’s fast forward a little. About a month. My skin has broken out all over my neck, face, back and chest, I have a weird cough I can’t seem to fix, and my body just isn’t feeling well. I hop in the shower after and I swear it’s almost audible I hear Him say, “Check the label.” So I did.

What do you think one of the ingredients in my shampoo and conditioner was?! Pineapple! I thought there couldn’t be anyway they would put real pineapple in there! For some reason I thought this super fancy awesome shampoo company would just sell me some fake pineapple essence kinda deal but noooooo Hempz has to be super cool and use actual good stuff! Ugh.

It all clicked. My skin, throat and overall yuck feeling was possibly solvable with just the step of not using this shampoo and conditioner anymore. So I stopped. Grabbed out my other bottles on standby and switched immediately. After the pineapple ones where gone I felt an overwhelming peace around me. Almost as if just following the direction to stop was enough to start the change.

Not even a week later my skin started clearing, my throat didn’t have the tickle anymore and my hair even seemed to come back to life!

And I’ve only had pineapple a handful of times since 😅

If there’s a moral to this story I believe it is this, God has put things in our lives that we just can’t have. You can pray for healing and beg and pled with Him but sometimes our Father just says no. And my trouble still is accepting that no and being at peace with it. So here’s my prayer:

Lord, I know I have all the wants a girl could ever dream but what I want most is for Your beautiful will over my life. Jesus change my heart to learn obedience to You like I have had for no other. God I want to hear what You have spoken over my life and where Your days will lead me. Please Lord I pray don’t let me stray.

In Jesus name, I pray Amen.

Living. Loving. Story Telling.

Emily A G 🧴

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