Back into Quarantine

Officially we are back under quarantine till the end of the month when we go to see my AZ family.

We were supposed to go back in April but when COVID hit everyone’s plans got changed around.

At Christmas time The Hubs and I bought my family all tickets to go see Alan Jackson in concert. My Mama has always loved him and I gave her such a hard time about it growing up that it became very clear to me it was time to fix that.

Because here’s the secret : now I LOVE Alan Jackson!! I know- shocked right? But is it not typical for children to do this? Tell Ma or Dad it’s gross even though you just mentioned you liked it. Tell Ma her music sucks only to find yourself listening to it all when your older because it is actually really fricken good music?

So the concert got moved to Oct back in April and even if we might not go, because more COVID, we are still going out to visit.

Then it’s back into quarantine again until January.

I’m honestly pretty excited. I’m already a natural homebody. I enjoy doing my cooking and cleaning work, quilting and gardening. So it has made it very easy for me to stay happy and healthy. Plus it helps having The Hubs work from home too. Random moments when he comes in the house for a kiss and a Diet Coke, makes me heart flutter and shows me what it really feels like to be content.

Just one plain ole happy girl over here.

So… off to work I go! The benefit to doing this now is I might actually get BlogMas fully ready by December 😉

Living. Loving. Quarantining.

Emily A G🙃

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