Happy Birthday Moo!

I don’t talk about my husband very much on here because he likes to stay as invisible as possible when it comes to the internet. Cool with me- but today a blog post happened to land on his birthday and I can’t ignore that!

So in a big heart burst I wanna talk about how I love him, how much I care about him, and how much his happiness truly means to me. You know wind beneath my wings and such.

My Moo is smart, caring, inventive, a supporter, a rock, the funniest person I know, and the love song I hear in my head. He walks on two feet but makes me float on air. I swear God couldn’t have created a better man for me and I know God made me for him.

I’ll close the post with this, so I don’t become love ranty, that I want to wish my love the happiest of birthdays. You truly do deserve the best day ever!

With all of the love,

Emily A Graham❤️

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