Happy Halloween 👻 2020

As we all know Halloween this year is not quite the same. Trick or Treating isn’t allowed so people are making candy catapults, parties aren’t allowed so people are doing walk by parties.

And not to mention it’s not exactly easy to go out and buy costumes. We all know you gotta try those things on. The sizes are bizarre. 

This year we have been trying to come up with something to dress up as for a Halloween walk we are doing instead of going to the fire house for the traditional Halloween party.

Dressed up with the puppy. We are hopeful to pull off, Scarecrows and she’s going to be our pumpkin! Check Instagram for photos! Hopefully I’ll take some. 😉🤞🏻

But as always my request to you is to stay safe and have a fun and wild night! I mean that’s what Halloween is for right? 👻🎃☠️

Living. Loving. Creeping.

Emily A G👩🏻‍🌾

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