Pulling Potatoes

Lessons learned people. I didn’t know what I was doing fully and I am not much of a studier. But I always welcome tips and help when it’s offered, just never been one to seek it out 🤷🏻‍♀️

The potatoes started off great. They got big and tall with lots of them growing buds and vining extra till the heat wave hit. And boy howdy did it hit harder than I thought would’ve effected them.

Strong start!

Even with extra watering and monitoring they slowly started dying off one by one before bloom. And not knowing g any better I didn’t check what was underneath. I thought “I’ll wait and do it all at once. Give the things in there time to get bigger if they can.” I just didn’t know.

Heat waves…

So when harvest time came. Meaning all of them had officially gone yellow and limp I dig out the whole garden tub to only find 5. And not 5 semi large of even baby potato size. No. Minis. The tinniest tiniest potatoes I’ve ever seen!


Next things next is start the next round. Working off of smaller baby potatoes this time. Red, Purple and White. Let’s see how these lovelies end up working out for us.

New potatoes to start.

So I’ll let you know how this round goes… praying it’ll be more at least. 😅

Living. Loving. Growing.

Emily A G🥔

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