Oh November…

This month is not going as planned. According to my schedule.

And I’m loosing track of what I was supposed to be doing before the craziness.

Coming back home from Arizona at the end of October was a crazy experience. Mandatory Evacuations where up on our canyon and we missed the cut off to get in by 5 minutes. A fire had erupted the morning before it started getting into jumping distance from our home.

After begging with the police to let us go to our home to get the cats they let us in after 45 minutes of waiting on the side of the road.

Our view upon arrival

The power had been out in our canyon from high winds and fire for 3 days already at that point. A friend had been able to get in to clean the litter box for the cats but that was it, they had to go and work the fire lines.

Home and “safe” we packed the cars with all we could grab and started to leave, then we where told that we should stay. The fire was blowing away from us and was unlikely to come back our way and we should hold down here till the evacuations where lifted. So we stayed. Running off a generator for another day and a half.

After the evacuations where lifted we had all of our unpacking to do start and getting the cats to befriend us again after having to put them in the cat crates, even if it was only for a moment.

Then 2 days after all seemed to be going back to normal the fridge died. And I mean more like started limping along and then died. 2 days later a fridge was ordered and then 15 days later… it was installed.

All of the food went bad. It’s been a whirlwind of a month so far… oh my gosh and we are only half way through…

Finally I have my kitchen back to normal and a list 10 miles long to get through still working on BlogMas. But- I’ll get through it. I’m not worried about that.

I just wanted to give an excuse as to why November has been a “light” blog month.

Living. Loving. Catching up.

Emily A G 🤪

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