Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

While the holiday might not be the same now that everyone is back on lockdown, it’s still a day to remember.

Even if the history books are changing I remember the root of Thanksgiving being about coming together. As a family. As individuals. As just humans hungry. All to be apart of something, to show each other we are there for each other. To celebrate each other…

Or maybe it’s a lesson of just overeating your feelings…


But no matter what I’m going to be taking time today to tell people how important they are to me.

Readers: you are important to me. Every like and subscribe makes my heart so happy to know that my words are being seeing and I thank each and everyone of you for taking the time. Without you this blog wouldn’t be where it is today. I wouldn’t have kept it going after the fail of my business. I wouldn’t have readjusted it to create a space for us. So I thank you. Over and over again in my heart for being here.

Happy Thanksgiving my love bugs!

I’ll be praying for a peaceful day for all! (Sorry of my prayers aren’t answered fully 😅)

Living. Loving. Thanking.

Emily A G❤️

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