November Instagram Recap

What a month. What a beautifully cold and heart warming month. We got hail in the canyon, harvested very little of our potatoes, went up and saw snow (!!!), it got super cold again, then more wind events and power shut offs, new appliances…

If you saw my Oh November post then you know a good enough chunk of all the madness and I don’t need to bother you with the craziness of the rest of the month.

But in good news… tomorrow starts Christmas! And BlogMas!!! So here we go y’all! Into December!!!

Loved getting up to Mount Lemmon when I got into Tucson. ⛰
It’s one of my favorite spots, even with the major burn scar.
It’s truly a beautiful sight even with the burn.
Fall is still up around my house.
Normally by now it would be all Christmased out!!
But there have been other things taking priority.
Other work to be focused on.
So to all the people who usually annoyed with me about how early I put up Christmas… this ones for you. 🎄
It’s like she doesn’t even slightly care that I caught her doing this…
Morning storms mean rain boots and pajama pants.
She runs to the snow to find her Joy. ❄️
Her Peace. ☮️
Where she sees Him so much more clearly. 🙌🏻
Snow is the proof she needs to know how much He loves her. 🙏🏻
Not exactly the harvest I had planned but….
I’ll be starting a next round soon. Hopefully they will grow bigger this time.
Pomegranates bursting open hanging on the tree after harvest. Something about how they look- slightly haunting and slightly pornographic…
Sweet growth, potata!
When you wanna give hugs and snuggles but the pup isn’t sure about 😅❤️🐶
📸 @jordi21mar
Are mirror selfie’s still a thing?
Snow drives ❄️
My current Day Dream ✨
To the Mama we love the most @michellegillespiekarl Happiest of birthdays to you! You raised two humans who can live and thrive on their own terms and you have enough love to cover us both. You move and shake throughout the world doing everything in your power to help us grow as individuals. You know when to be there and when to step back. And I love and appreciate you for all of it. Thank you Mama. Even on Your birthday for making us your number one desire. Just to see us together.
I love you forever and ever Mama. Happy Birthday!! Praying you had the most stupendous day!! 😘😘😘

Living. Loving. Laughing.

Emily A G✌🏻

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