BlogMas Day 1 Top 5 Best Etsy Gifts for Women Under $50

Happy Day 1 of BlogMas everyone!! I decided to do this similar season like I have done in the past and start off with my Top 5 finds on Etsy.

No links are added but shop names are located in the photo.

I’m totally obsessed with this mushroom incense holder! Have like 5 people I want to get one for!
So cute! Buy a set and give them out as coasters would be my suggestion 😉
I love handmade so much and these personalized necklaces I think are the perfect way to show the love.
I mean come on! How cute are these colors and styles for all natural food wraps? Perfect gift for ladies and men a like!
Got any kitty loving friends in your life like I do? Simple, cute, classic kitten alert with bow sleep mask! Purrfection 😻

See you tomorrow!

Blogmassing 🎄

Emily A G

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