BlogMas Day 2 Top 5 Best Etsy Gifts for Men Under $50

Merry Day 2 of BlogMas!! Today I wanna talk about the guys when it comes to presents! We always complain that our men are the hardest to shop for I believe so here’s a couple items I found on Etsy to try and help 😉

I love these liquor bottle light shades! Perfect for a bar area or home office space!
If you got a cat dad in your family too then I feel I should mention this shirt is a must!
Who doesn’t love a good bow tie? The Geo print is just to die for! 😍
Have a man in your life who loves a pipe? Well this is the perfect trinket gift!
The modern grey lavender of this coffee cup speaks such a fancy construction worker vibe 👷🏼‍♂️


Emily A G

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