BlogMas Day3 Top 5 Best Etsy Gifts for Children Under $50

I love a good baby gift. Something that says I care about your brain as well as your joy. I care about your smile and your dexterity. That’s why I look to Etsy when it comes to special finds on baby gifts. So here’s my top 5!

Bee shoes! Could anything be cutter? Handmade little tiny baby shoes? Not only would they work perfect as a gift for babe but will be a object maybe Mom and Dad will cherish later on when their feet grow in 3 minutes.
What could go wrong with this toy honestly?! A personalized classic wooden fire truck? It’s so darling!!!
I think this wooden toy robot is such a fun thing for tiny fingers to play with.
Brain toys along with beautiful colors this toy gives you all kinds of yes pleases.
I love anything that can be personalized as the name and or the color and bonus with this puzzle set you can pick both!

Blogmassing 🎄

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