BlogMas Day 4 Top 5 Etsy Gifts for the Furbabies Under $50

If you don’t know this about me than KNOW this, I love a good fur baby! Heck I even love a naughty one 😅 So finding something useful and cute for the fur ones is always a must for me.

Always on the lookout of new collars for the dog. Simple and able to match all the rest of her outfits? Yes please.
Who doesn’t love a pet pouch? I had gotten a backpack one for Danny and Loretta one year and it’s one of his (and hers) favorite things! I strongly encourage picking one of these up if you got a little bubba wubba squishy face!! (Sorry couldn’t help myself)
How beautiful 😍 is this dog bowl?! I’m obsessed to be honest! Better grab it before I do!
I think this engraved dog collar is so sleek and clean. No more hanging tags banging against water bowls, perfect addition to the dog bowl above. 😉
These squishy “yellyfish” cat toy teasers are just adorable. Almost not worth giving it to the kitties so they can’t destroy it 😅

Blogmassing 🎄

Emily A G

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