BlogMas Day 5 What are my Top 5 Etsy Christmas List Items

Merry Day 5 of BlogMas! Well since I have talked about all of the gifts I think are perfect for everyone else I thought I would talk about my personal Etsy gift list.

If you know me well enough than you know my tshirt game is what time all about. Be kind. It’s gangster people.
I have been having an eye craving for stained glass right now. I want it in all of our windows everywhere but I know that would be wayyy to costly and make my home look a bit more churchy than I would prefer.
I mean- how fricken cute.
This sign is everything to me! I already have the perfect spot picked out. Praying I added it to my real Christmas list 😅
Who doesn’t love a good stack ring set these days?

Blogmassing 🎄

Emily A G

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