BlogMas Day 6 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Merry Day 6 of BlogMas! I always feel that stockings are more of what I love to do.

As much as I love big presents for people I really love the small everyday essentials people expect in a stocking.

From your regular run of the mill deodorant and shampoos to all of the fun extras people would probably not spend on themselves during the holiday season.

Some extras I like to include are: Tide sticks, jerky sticks (preference taken into account ie spicy, mild, bbq), bath bombs, tea candles (order a multipack with different scents and give them to each person based off the smell), BandAids, kitchen tools (spatulas, whisks, etc.), and any other fun personal items you can think of. My new favorite to start adding is lotto scratcher tickets, it’s always a small thrill to scratch and see some kind of prize!

Well that’s it on my stocking stuffer ideas and guidance! I’ll leave the rest up to you to figure out 😉

Living. Loving. Stuffing.

Emily A G 🎄

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