BlogMas Day 7 Neighborhood Gift Basket

A few years ago I started making gift baskets around Christmas time for our neighbors. I usually put in thinga like breads, jams and sauces to make it like a box or basket of yummy goodies but this year I wanted to do something else and something just a little bit more.

COVID has really knocked out a lot of people’s finances and it hit ours to, so having this creative way to spread some neighbor love makes me feel so blessed.

This year I may I have to do some neighborhood searching for free baskets or else everything will be bagged. And this would be the first year I did neighborhood bags… might have to make less to fit it all but I think it’ll do for this season.

I think the big thing is to just show love and support. Show that you care and that even with the little we all have we’ve tried to do something for the people who are important to us.

This time I’m looking at including items like a homemade S’mores gift bag, canned sauces (not sure what kind yet I usually go BBQ or an olive oil dressing), some homemade puppy treats for those with dogs, and possibly other things I haven’t fully thought through yet. Maybe I’ll do my all natural sage candles? We shall see…

*Update: This year I have made for the baskets Pomegranate Almond Bark Blogmas Day 16 Pancake Jars Honey BBQ Sauce 

Living. Loving. Being Neighborly.

Emily A G🛍

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