BlogMas Day 9 Ornaments

I really do love a Christmas tree. Growing up we had a huge tree every year that we unpacked out of boxes along with crazy messes of lights and ornaments that have been passed down, purchased the year before, things my brother and I made in school or anything else by the foam inserted box load!

And as much as I found it crazy as a kid I have overly grown into the love of decorating and filling the tree with beautiful lights and all kinds of ornaments.

Usually when I buy them it’s throughout the year or after the new year and all Christmas things are like 70-80% off. 😅 Because I love them and want them all so I gotta think of the budget!

This year I had some old ones and new ones to share. I really love getting to do this.

Because as much as I love Santa and will always support his role in the season Christians have someone else we worship and love and celebrate.
Hand painted OCFA fire truck ornament… I mean, do I need to explain why I love it so much?!
If you have been reading my blog for the years then you know full well about our Old Lady Baby who passed away Christmas Eve 2015. I still tear up if I think about her too long, Jasmine we will miss you always.
Found this little gem in one of my childhood memory boxes! It’s Baby’s, me, first Christmas! (1991) BTW even then rose gold was my jammmmm!
This is my newest pick. I named her Lisa the Reindeer. She’s made of wine corks and all of the proceeds go to help with Cancer Research. I needed her.

Living. Loving. Staring at our Christmas tree.

Emily A G🎄

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