BlogMas Day 12 Why I Love this Season

Christmas for me is a whole crazy amount of things.

It brings up amazing feels and stimulations, makes me cry from joy and some pain, then there’s the snow and cold, I love cold weather. I love having my ears freeze no matter the pain it causes. So when I think of Christmas usually my mind drifts off into winter.

Look at the joy in my cold face!

The lights everywhere bring me joy and the trees inside homes have always baffled and comforted me all in the same breath.

Who would’e thought just the feeling of Winter though would bring such joy to my life. I know I don’t deal with snow being here in SoCal so my life isn’t encumbered by the shoveling and icy roads, or small children who DO NOT want to get bundled up to go outside, I still just know I wouldn’t mind too much. At least for the first few years doing it. LOL

But Christmas itself has always had some intensity to it in my family. From all of the decorations coming out at once and bathrooms being remade up with new soaps and rugs, to the kitchen being changed out, door hangers, and that’s just like inside stuff. Then it went outside. Oh and don’t forget all of the regular traditional Christmas decorations- tree, lights, stockings, blankets, wreaths, matching pjs….

Then you have all of the family gatherings and friendly gatherings, parties at our place and then theirs. Mall trips for Santa and some ice skating and sledding to play in the winter wonderland that was Illinois for me as a child. It was a time of year that just meant quick movements till the end of the year.

All of the go, go, go till January 1 and then it was a day of family and seafood.

But now we get to relax more. The Hubs and I usually take a relaxed approach to the holidays and are incredibly joyful when we get to have our dedicated moments of Christmas fun. From finding snow somewhere, going for our light drive, playing Christmas music in the car and handing our our canyon gift baskets (bags this year).

The holiday means a lot to me. And I’ll never stop believing in Santa. 🎅🏻

Living. Loving. Rejoicing.

Emily A G🎅🏻

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