Day 13 of BlogMas: What Christmas means to my Family & Friends

Well and a Very Merry 13th Day of BlogMas to you!

Since I gave myself a whole post to explain my loves of the holiday season I thought and feltnit only appropriate to ask the other people in my life if they had anything to say on the subject.

From the people who choose to write a response back to me on the subject, I didn’t realize how many scrooges I had in my life, this is how they feel about the holiday season and what it means to them.

My Brother Taylor:

“Christmas. My feelings are a little mixed about Christmas. The holiday itself, I love. The concept of giving and receiving, I love. The stress that Christmas brings, is the worst. Christmas is a holiday, but when it comes to Christmas Stress, it becomes a holi-month.
When the weather drops and your scenery showcases winter… I feel Christmas is more prominent to me.
Ultimately… When it is finally Christmas Eve/Day, the stress becomes a mute point. Hanging out with your family and friends, exchanging gifts, enjoying a meal together will continually make Christmas a time I look forward to every year.”

My Lovely Friend Jordan:

“To me and my family Christmas means a lot. Christmas means getting to spend time with family who we usually don’t get to see on a regular basis. Christmas means going up to Chico and to Paradise to see some family and having other family members come from all over to meet us there.

Christmas means sitting by warm fires, playing hours of Uno, Mexican train, Dixit and other fun board games. Christmas means movie marathons, drinking hot chocolate, and going to Schubert’s ice cream. Christmas means walks in Bidwell Park and beautiful hikes in the snow. Christmas also means Hallmark movies, reading by a fire, going over the top with our Christmas decorations, and then having friends and family over to enjoy it with us.

Christmas means writing letters to Santa, going to South Coast Plaza to see all the decorations (not to shop or to see Santa) and to get a wood carving there for Damian to decorate and date. Christmas means each of us buying a yearly ornament and writing the year on it so we can see all the ornaments on the tree we have bought over the years.

Christmas means building gingerbread houses and decorating sugar cookies. Christmas also means getting to see my siblings who live out of state possibly for the first time this year, and being able to laugh and talk and catch up and getting to see my nieces and nephews and to see how much they’ve grown. Christmas means white elephant games and lots of family jokes.

Christmas in our family is filled with warmth and love, close friends and family, and an amazing happy feeling that recharges us all for the year to come.

Christmas means celebrating the year we’ve been through and all the things we’ve accomplished that year, and remembering the wonderful people who love us and will support us and be there for us (even if they’re not physically close to us) in the year to come. Christmas means a lot of things to our family but above all Christmas is the best time of the year for us because it’s the one time of the year we all get to see each other and remember the incredible family and support system we come from 🎄❤️”

My Handsome Husband:

“Always the most exciting time of year for me, Christmas is full happy things. I love the anticipation that builds with the signs of winter coming and fall decorations changing to Christmas decorations. The entire Christmas season is full of delights like hot drinks, cold weather, winter storms, decor & lights, holiday traditions, family gatherings, cards & greetings and Christmas trees!

As a child, it was time off from school and visits with family. Now, it’s all about family. Now it’s taking trips with my Emily to see snow or lights & try ridiculously sugary hot drinks, or snuggling up with our fuzzy pets to watch holiday movies by the light of the Christmas tree.

Christmas is my time to reflect, be at peace and give glory to God for the things He has done – the precious gift of His Son, His love, His healing, His mercy and His grace.”

Awwww my Moo. He is so beautiful and the best note to land on for this post. I mean how do you go from there?

Oh wait…

Till tomorrow…

Living. Loving. Rejoicing.

Emily A G🎄

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