Day 14 of BlogMas: What Christmas Means to my Mama.

Happy Day 14 of BlogMas everyone! I hope you are having a very Merry and Bright Season so far. If you read my post from yesterday then you know one key person was missing from that post. My Mama.

She is the biggest celebrator, decorator and lover of the season! So much so when I sent people the message asking for a little blurb or paragraph she wrote me a whole essay it seemed! After reading it I felt I needed to post the whole thing. So here she goes, My Mama on why she LOVES Christmas!

My Mama napping under my freshly sewn Christmas quilt with Loretta Lynn. Not the best photo of her but it shows how I love her. Only people who really love you take pictures of you sleeping 😅

”Why I LOVE Christmas,

As a child it was all about getting the gifts, laying on the floor at the top of my bedroom steps I could see my parents wrapping gifts. There was laughter and excitement in there voices that was fun to hear. I’m pretty sure they knew I was there, comments were always made about how Santa would come when “all” were in bed fast asleep. I remember running to bed so I could get to sleep and make sure I woke the whole house the next morning. Being the youngest of 5 most of my memories came as all my brothers and sisters moved out and started there own family’s.

Christmas Eve we would get together for my nephew Matt’s birthday. We would have a full birthday celebration for him and when we were done Santa would come (my Uncle Frank). The kids were always excited for that time. Christmas Day I would get up early with my mom and help get the Turkey in and whatever else she needed to me do. I would get to open one gift and when everyone came for dinner we would all open gifts together. My parents faces were always so pleased at what they got. It was not about quantities but quality. As I got older I wanted this same tradition with my children.

As I started having my own family, I loved shopping for the kids and trying to hide all the gifts so they could not find them, staying up late at night on Christmas Eve and wrapping gifts for the kids while watching “A Christmas Story” over and over. Seeing their faces on Christmas morning as they opened all their gifts. We would eat breakfast then head to Grandma and Grandpas for a wonderful day with family.

Now, as the kids got older and we moved away from family, one lives in California and one in Arizona we do Christmas different and I love it. I have Christmas Day here with my son and his wife. We enjoy breakfast then dinner later in the day. It’s a relaxing and fun day. Then in January we head to California for a few days and have a late Christmas with my daughter, son-in-law and his mother. We get there on a Thursday, have Christmas Eve on Friday and Christmas Day on Saturday, then Sunday to relax. It is so much fun to celebrate after the Holiday. When you work retail, you can finally relax, enjoy your time with your family. It seems to last longer and you can shop all the clearance so you get more.

Christmas to me is all about my family. I would not want it any other way. ”

My little heart you guys… it melted when my Mama sent this email…

So this concludes what Christmas means to the people around me. My family and friends. The people who I care about and care about me the most, that aren’t grinches.

Living. Loving. Rejoicing.

Emily A G🎄

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