Blogmas Day 17 The Reason For The Season

Last time I did BlogMas I made a point to myself to spend time talking about the sad things that come with the holidays like depression and loneliness as well as I spoke about the true and real reason in my heart for the season which is Jesus.

Instead of putting it in 2 separate posts this year I wanted to combine them and mention how much hurting and loneliness comes when bringing Christ into your life.

Everything He touches turns to gold and song. While that’s all happening though even the most devoted Christians feel terribly alone.

We cry out questions to our God asking why?! Why me?! How come? When? And our answer is always “because I love you.” He knows we are capable. He made us to be.

He came as a gift to a terrified, newly engaged woman (could you imagine?!) and she was given from God the responsibility of raising His only Son on Earth.

He watched as we had begged for His Son to come save us all to then turn and deny He even existed. Fighter against Him. Worship Him. And then after awhile, eventually killed Him. But He comes back so not much to worry about there with that story.

The story of Christmas is all about hope. 3 guys following a star that shined brighter than any other. A newly engaged couple battling through peoples judgements of them. Our new King being born on a cold night in a shed type of deal. How could you not have hope?

He shows us to have it. He groomed us to be full of it. He created prophets to write about it. Hope is the center piece of His works.

So while a covid Christmas isn’t want we all wanted at all I’m filled with a freshened sense of hope.

Even in the loneliness. Even in the moments where I want it my way and not His. I still have hope that His plan is better then mine.

Loving. Loving. Hoping.

Emily A G🙏🏻

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