BlogMas Day 18 Winter Styles

While holiday parties are being shut down all over the country and people are doing zoom patties half made up half not I thought I would share some of my winter styles again.

My husband loved doing this with me the first year and is happy that I’m doing it again. He loves being my camera man, or at least that’s what he’s said. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Long sleeve shirt is from For Love and Lemons, Short Sleeve shit is a PoshMark find, high waisted shorts are Hollister Co, and my everyday all the time Black Chucks are Converse.

California winters aren’t known for their severity unless you start talk about El Niño season or fire weather like we are having now. Hense the shorts and no jacket. We snapped this photo on our way to go fill the gas cans for our upcoming power outage due to high winds and fire weather.

Madewell Green Crop Top. Men’s Wrangler Flannel with snap buttons. Madewell 9in High Rise Jeans. Dark chocolate Ugg’s. Lucky Brand Gold and Leather belt.

Sunday’s during covid we have been going to the Husband’s Mother’s home for YouTube church. Somedays I dress nicer then sweats and some days I stay “canyon causal”. This outfit to me says winter and cozy all over it I feel.

Brown Knit Sweater from Stitch Fix. High Waisted Cozy Legging PINK. Green Knit socks gift. More Whiskey Please Tea Cup Urban Outfitters.

Let’s be honest here. We have all been wearing our work out pants semi regular these days without even working out. Just cuddling up or doing house work this is my go to look for the winter months. Comfy and cozy. Easy to bake, clean and nap in.

Green and Blue Flannel from Bass Pro Shop. 9in Madewell Jeans. Timberland Compost Toe Boots Boot Barn. Hair clip… I don’t know.

Most of my days are working around the yard clearing leaves, watering, harvesting, planting. I’m usually running around in the mornings with buckets of water and hand tools trying to get things done in the summer but in the winter months I get to take it a bit slower and usually get some help from Mother Nature on the watering. Some days I do it all in my pjs and some days I get dressed first. This day I dressed first 😅

Any and all makeup products for these photos was used from this pile. I’m very lazy when it comes to makeup so here’s the list of my I have to have if I’m going to have anything!

Chi straightener. Garner Clearly Brighter moisturizing cream. Tarte BB Powder. Tarte Shape Tape. Tarte Amazon Clay Brow Pencil. Benefit Browvo Conditioning Primer. Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray. KKW Mascara. KKW lip stick. I love cherry pop. Just a little dab and then blend it in.

Not sure what this post did other then allowed my hubs to get photos of me that I think are fun and cute. But if that’s it then it’s enough for me 😅

Living. Loving. Dressing up.

Emily A G 👗

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