Blogmas Day 20 Christmas Lights Drive

And a very merry BlogMas day 20 to you!

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is getting into the car with my hubs, getting some coffee and taking a drive to see all of the Christmas lights.

We get out google and plot a map usually and make sure we see all the spots recommended on websites people put out.

This year it seems like everywhere around us people have gone crazy with all of their lights and I love it!

This is someone’s set up of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” so much beautiful effort!

Even whole streets have displays and interconnecting lights with songs and blow up dancing characters. It’s just so wonderful to me. We drove through a few and there where so many people walking and wandering around I didn’t take photos to not bother them.

Knowing the care and time. The patience and financial sacrifices in some areas it takes to build these elaborate Christmas displays!

Living. Loving. Driving.

Emily A G 🚗

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