BlogMas Day 23 Christmas Music 🎶

I have to say I really love Christmas music. I know it drives everyone a little crazy about how early it starts in stores and on the radios.

But it makes me very pleased every time the season begins in song.

The Hubs is all about Christmas music too although he won’t admit it without some coaxing.

We love listening to the usual classics, some newer versions from my Christian musicians and more country than anything else.

The Hubs has a song this season that’s been on repeat in our house and its “Christmas Cookies” by George Strait. He can’t handle it. Giggles and smiles every time it comes and gives me the giggles and smiles just seeing him sing along to some of his new favorite Christmas lyrics.

This is the album I have been hearing on repeat lately.

Music this time of year has such a glorious feeling attached to it.

From childhood memories, to songs that make you worship God and Jesus. Thinking and day dreaming about Santa Clause and wishing you could just meet one elf who knew what they where talking about…

With that all said, Christmas music brings me joy. Listening to the lyrics and feeling the joy and Christmas spirit inside of music is meaningful. Music in general is meaningful. Magical.

Maybe one day I’ll talk more about my history with music. It’s one of my biggest loves and it scares me to death. Yeah. Maybe next year I’ll talk about it.

Living. Loving. Singing.

Emily A G 🎶

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