Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe?! Can you really truly believe it? 2020 is over!!!


We can now feel the weight of this years learnings and pain, the crazy hard moments that where mixed up with personal blessings. The days of screaming at the computer or tv screen WTF?!

Oh wait… well kinda. We are still in covid. We are still in quarantines. Masks are the new normal and safety is still a big object in my mind.

BUT, it’s a new year. New things to learn and feel. New avenues we will all get to walk down. More days to remember the good things and look for the silver lining.

I have to say as much as quarantine has been annoying and frustrating I’m very blessed to have a super cool husband to spend it with.

So here’s to you all reading this today 🥂

Praying everyone will have another year worth remembering.

Living. Loving. Starting a New.

Emily A G🥂

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