2021 Goals:

I felt like making a list of everything I wanted to accomplish this year.

In my Happy New Years post I talked about some of the missions I have to accomplish in this upcoming year but I feel that the best way to actually make sure they are achieved is by having others who can hold you some what accountable…

*Cue y’all.

Normally I’m not big on setting year goals or resolutions but this year I feel it would be better to have an ongoing list that I can look back at and check off.

Before I get into big goals I decided to do this year just as home goals. Things to get done around here that will create a happier and stabler lifestyle.

So here it is… My list:

  • Wooden office cover.
  • Chicken coop.
  • Flooring for bathroom and front landing.
  • Add 3rd garden row.
  • Make hill patio space. (I’ll explain this one in a full post probably. It will be a big endeavor.)
  • Finish front door: painting, sanding, attaching screen.

I know it doesn’t seem like a whole lot for 2021 household goals but my personal goals and missions also have to be considered and that means giving myself time and space to make them accomplishable.

But I don’t want to talk about all of those things right now. I want to get to work 😅

So here we go 2021! I can’t wait to start checking things off my lists!

Living. Loving. Working.

Emily A G💪🏻

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