January Instagram Recap

January, the month I think about all year long. This year it went a bit different than normal though thanks to COVID, flood mitigation, volunteer hours, delay Christmas plans with the family, a trip to Tucson and other stuff I can’t remember because my brain is officially more fried than November.

But in the craziness came some good times. Lots of laughter and tears, yelling and rejoicing… it was a big month lemme tell you!

We are total dorks…. 😅
She’s just too fricken cute!
Good Morning Moon 🌙
She took a birthday hike 🌤
No sky? ⛰
Or sky? ☀️ … I couldn’t decide.
Happy 11th birthday to you my mini Capricorn Darla bear.
He was ready for his close up…
Random wine tasting night in the canyon.
Anyone else go grocery shopping at their neighbors house?
Thank you neighbor! 💓💓💓
Something about a panoramic view of the snow that was coming 🌬❄️
My favs just came in!

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G❄️

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