4th Wedding Anniversary

Welp. I’m behind in my writing to y’all and that is bothering me. Focuses have been moved around lately and writing on this blog became a bit back burnered.

I was planning to write about quitting smoking again but it was a bit darker this time and the writing that came out of it is for another place and time.

I wanted to give you some recipes I have been using this month but I feel pretty blah with my cooking. It’s been same ole same ole and wanting to share that seems meh.

Candied walnuts. Again. Not much to mention. Melt butter, Brown Sugar, a smidge of cinnamon and walnuts- melt, coat, cool.

So I decided I would talk about our 4th Wedding Anniversary. It was an easy going day down at the ocean doing a whale watching trip and getting cocktails on walks.

There was a big boat fore in the morning at this harbor. Mop up was just finishing up walking around after 3.

Just our kinda day. Not too much planned but enough to get us up and moving out of the house for a bit. (It’s been needed lately.)

Even though out a mile into the ocean I still had cell service, thanks Verizon 🤷🏻‍♀️, I’m glad we got to feel like we did our getaway that we usually take. Just a couple hours out on the water and in a different town was all we needed to reset after the harsh beginning of this month. 🚭

Who doesn’t love a good sail boat photo? I mean… it was a gorgeous day!

We continued the weekend with chores and a stop to Portillo’s for hot dogs. Getting away/ feeling away with the Midwest vibe that established gives us. Again, needed.

I do want to make a mention as to what are gifts where to each other this year. This year is fruit or flowers for the 4th wedding anniversary so we decided to give each other both in a set of trees. A Fuji Apple for him, because it’s his favorite and a Peach tree for me, they are my favorite to cook with.

I’ll be praying they stay alive and become just as fruitful as our marriage ❤️

Till later gators. I got to find my drive again.

Living. Loving. And loving some more.

Emily A G❤️

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