February Instagram Recap

Have you ever just wanted to ask a month “WtH do you think you’re doing?” “What’s going on with you?!”

Well if you have, or haven’t, that’s how I felt about this February. Felt like every turn I took it was like “Hey! Get your S*** together February!”

Very little rain, actually WARM days mid 70’s-80! Every second felt off. Valentine’s was an interesting one, the wedding anniversary was different then the others before, lots of life changes that have stuck and felt easy and horrible all at once… this month, has literally been the longest and strangest 28 days of my 30’s. (Honestly that’s not saying much but it’s just weird enough to be mentioned 😅)

So here’s the Instagram recap. I have no idea if these pictures actually explain the weirdness fully. I’ll write a post about it later maybe. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Going 🏡 to the 🏔
Good morning moon 🌙
Another starting day.
Not all goals start on a Monday.
Apparently I hate cleaning windows…
Hot coco and cookies kinda night.
“You’re my jam”. – @michellegillespiekarl
#thanksmom ❤️
Laundry in the rain.
#fridaychores 🧺
Candied Walnuts?
Turned out good enough.
Happy 4 year Anniversary my Moo. Your the only person I want to do things with.❤️
Good afternoon Moon 🌙
White chocolate and caramel crunch cookies…🤤
Possibly the new favorite.
And possibly not a big enough batch.
Gonna post the recipe for these bad little ladies sometime soon!
Morning vibes with Susanna Wesley. ☀️
Peach buds coming in-
I know the limbs aren’t strong enough to hold fruit-
But the flowers are just delightful. 👌🏻

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G📸

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