Our Boy Sue

I used to do pets updates every now and again and realized it’s been a few years now since I’ve done that! My goodness.

First we shall talk about Sue, since it IS his birthday coming up. Turning 5! I can’t even believe it.

He always tries to find the most interesting places to relax.

It’s probably him that makes me the craziest of all the animals on our home. (There’s 3. I’m dramatic)

He loves to snuggle and play with the dog toys. He has plenty of his own but he’d just rather Loretta’s 😬

He is our stinky boy who is always screaming unless someone comes over and then he’s hiding like a scardy cat.

He enjoys having is butt scratched while he eats and fully waddles when he runs now due to his size. (2 pounds less then Loretta 😅) We are working on that part. But as mentioned he is a screamer and for food is what he’s usually yelling for.

He always farts while he sleeps, bad and loud ones, he scoop eats his food with his tongue like a shovel and attacks the front door if I don’t let him outside when he wants to be out.

My goodness his belly…

He’s good though. The veterinarian said he’s Aokay and it’s just the wait to work on. Maybe I’ll start running him in the morning. 😹

I’ll be talking about the other two within the next couple months. Best to space them out I believe.

Living. Loving. Updating?

Emily A G

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