We officially have a Chicken

And her name is Daisy.

She came from our neighbor who is putting their home up on the market and during these covid times can’t live there at the same time as having people wander around during tours.

She’s a sweet chicken.

A few years old, very docile and super pretty. She only has a few more good egg laying years so it’s nice to add another old lady baby to our pack.

As much as I’d love to have her just wander around freely in our yard we don’t have the best space for that. So she’s going to be kept in a cage with her coop for the most part. Below is a picture of how we started the first few days. The neighbor thankfully gave us their coop she already used and an old run they had for her when she was a chick.

Eventually, she’ll be allowed to roam around freely. She’s done it now a couple times and the biggest worry for me at the moment is her and Loretta. (An update on her is coming next week!)

To be completely honest, and this is why the post is late, life around here lately has been a whirlwind of activity and getting the moment to sit down and write has been a bit more challenging then I would like. But, it’s the season, Spring.

Time to get back to work.

Living. Loving. Learning.

Emily A G🐓

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