April Instagram Recap

What a month. From the upper 90’s(!!) to the lower 50’s in temperatures, to the advancements we’ve made on the property April has been a heavy work month and wonderfully most things are still around to talk about it.

See my garden post from a couple weeks ago to hear about my lettuces featured below.😫

Canyon Salad Bar
Time for dinner.
I can’t believe I got this photo…
6 years ago I started this lemon tree from seed. 🍋
It’s been eaten to the stubs by deer 🦌 , braved the elements when I was too tired to water 💦 , didn’t complain much even when it was root bound and I didn’t have a bigger pot yet 🪴. But now.
We have our FIRST blossoms…. 🌼
I could not be more proud of my lil lemon! 🥲
We got a rooster.
He does not like his photo being taken.
I’ve named him Lime.
Day dreaming 💭
About blueberries…. 💙🫐
Must be Tuesday…
Butternut squash and GARLIC(!!!)
Will be served in a browned butter and wild sage sauce…. tonight!!
Lets have a good night moon 🌙
Space alien or flower?
Or sea creature thingy…
I feel different today…
it’s like I’m happy.. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Must be Tuesday.
Got a request/coupon for these special Auntie Em cookies.
A favorite of mine as well so I was happy to comply. 😉
Wash your truck.
Thanks buddies!

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G📸

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