Now that Covid is like overish –

I’m trying to think about what I’m going to allow back into my life and home as well as what I’m going to keep in this new routine I’ve found.

Like ordering my groceries. I did that half way before, shopping at the 99 cent store once a week and then ordering from Walmart pickup on all the items I couldn’t get. Then covid hit and I went all to delivery.

I’ve started going back to Walmart pickup but instead of the 99 cent store I do Imperfect Foods Delivery. Works like a charm and imperfect sends me some random new things to try I wouldn’t have bought for ourselves.

Another thing we started during “the covid” is going fishing together. Now that it’s getting warmer out again we will be getting back into that but after our third trip last year it seemed like the ocean became fully stocked with people! (And not fish).

We used to go out a bit but during covid we ended up getting into the habit of date nights at home. We dress for each other, I make a big fancy dinner with a menu printed and everything, plan out the whole evening as places and stations around the property to spend moments of time in, and I would even have a fancy dessert!

So I think we will be keeping that for sure.

But other then that…. I mean we are home normally. Most nights, even before covid, we hung out and watched tv, played games, worked around the yard and a good time is had. We venture out every now and then but still we are homebodies.

Somethings I do want to add to my life again though now that covid is moving forward and out of the way I want to get back on the road for our random car trips we would take.

During 2020 everywhere was packed for camping and road trips became “the new norm” when that was our norm before.

Even trying to go on our adventure last June (see blog post Our Road Trip in June) it was packed to the gills everywhere we tried to land! But an adventure was had and thats what the goal was. 🤷🏻‍♀️

All in all, I’m happy. And I can’t wait to see what this “new new norm” will look like for us.

Living. Loving. Adjusting.

Emily A G👋🏻

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