Darla Bear

The kitty who’s been with me the longest, the pet that has driven me crazy for over a decade… Officially, turned 11 this year. I cannot believe that’s how long I’ve had her.

Darla cool as a cucumber in her new evacuated environment during the December fire.

After all of these years she’s still the same kitty I started with.

If I leave a folded laundry basket alone to long… this is what happens…

She’s curious and rude. She’s cuddly and demanding. She’s afraid of nothing unless it’s outdoors. She’s my girl.

She always finds the most interesting places to take a rest.

And every time she coughs or sleeps too long in a spot I think she’s dead or dying. This last month she was having moments of coughing up water all over.

About 4 times in one day! I thought she was a gonner but then realized I left the water on drip at the tub and she just went on chugging. Crazy girl…

So she’s good 😅 There’s nothing to worry about.

I’m thinking these updates need to become more regular. At least maybe a photo post of updated pics 😂

Living. Loving. Cuddling.

Emily A G🐱

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