Welp. Bye Lime. (graphic photos)

**This is a quick warning to let people know that reading the post will talk about butchering a rooster with some photos and a video of Loretta enjoying a foot. If those things bother you- stop reading now.

The other day we butchered the rooster.

His goodbye photo. Should’ve taken a better one but I didn’t.

After the conflicts with our neighbor he became more trouble then I was willing to tolerate anymore.

We named him Lime because we always had the intention to use him as food one day, but, I wasn’t ready.

We had a neighbor come over and help us.

More bummed then sad.

In all honesty I really dislike being told what to do so, when I had someone getting fairly aggressive with me about what I’m supposed to do to be a good neighbor… I think that hurt more to me then actually butchering the rooster.

All cleaned up and ready for the fridge to rest.

But, it’s definitely quieter now…

Loretta is one happy puppy.

Anyhow, I’m glad to have the knowledge that I have now and I know this won’t be our last rooster because well, sexing a chicken is basically rocket science, so this will come up again.

I’m just praying that next time it doesn’t come with so much anxiety that I can’t keep even water down again…

Living. Loving. Learning.

Emily A G🐓

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