May Instagram Recap

Started off cold. Got warm again. Then went back to like kinda Luke warm? It’s been a weird month I just gotta say.

We lost the rooster, well butchered him, Welp. Bye Lime. (graphic photos)

And got a new little girl who needed a new home after her own encounter with a rooster. Her name is now Chickadee.

Other then all of that, May has been a bit exhausting as well as boring.

Happy @tacobell Tuesday!
Need .vs.
Reality. #dogmom
Opening up! 🌸
Alright. I guess I’ve warmed up to him.
I have this weird thing about pine needles…
And that’s that I love them.
A lot.
Roses all have a lean to them from the rain.
Danny is calling it:
“The Bashful Orange”
Welcome to the family Chickadee.
Sweet D for short.
Oh because of the yachts…
And the dingys.
Drink by boats.

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G 📸

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