June Instagram Recap

June has been a month that’s emotionally all over the board.

My family came, a heat wave came, fire season started to roll in,California opened officially since COVID begun, and all kinds of other not so major events.

I celebrated 8 official years of living in my home and canyon so to say that I’m still in love with this place is an understatement. Since the day I moved in it’s been my little cottage in the woods and I would never of thought that 8 years later it would still be where I lived with Hubs and are putting down even heavier roots. (Like,actual trees.)

All in all the month did it’s thing, I was somewhat productive and I’m ready to see what July holds. That reminds me, I need to stock up on water again. 🥵

June bloom🧅
Egg pocket for the win!
Can’t wait till we get more hens…
Crushed a work day today.
Ready for a drink and some chill time.
Noooooooooo 😢
I was happy at the ocean.
Families in town so it’s all good times.
What a difference 8 years can make…
Requested by @wanderlustandfairydust_
The house 8 years ago… 2013.
Maybe one day I’ll do a weird Instagram tour? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Crazy thing I noticed… same door sign. Same white bench.
#HappyMoveInAnniversary 🎉
Summer Nights @ @cookscornerbar
HappBee ☀️🐝
Watermelons Lime Margaritas
I’m officially one of “those” people.

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G📸

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