July Garden Update

Heat waves have been kicking my gardens a**. Pardon my speech but holy goodness it’s been rude.

I’ve been trying my darndness to get water everywhere, even so much I have totally neglected all of my pretty garden flowers and put my whole focus on the food related plants, but still, basically everything is struggling

The Tomatoes, I lost 2 whole plants and only one has made a single tomato. Oye. And now that one is dying too… no photo because I just couldn’t bring myself to document its demise.

Our Lemons are growing slowly but steadily. Only one tree is producing but I’m thankful.

The Apple Tree is BOOMING! 27 apples have been counted! Can you believe it? From one Apple to start, to none last year and now 27!? I won’t even need to leave the house to go apple picking this year…

Granny Smith Apples

Celery exploded in the heat and went straight to a big, thick, fat stock and the to blossoms. I’m not complaining. It’s been a very interesting experience to learn this new veggie and it smells of celery salt which is my favorite ingredient on hot dogs so it’s been a joy and hunger to be around.

One thick celery stalk 🤣

The Carrots are actually growing!!! And can someone tell me when I’m supposed to pick these? They look ready to me but I got to do some google searching to make sure I pick them on time.

Carrot tops

My Peach tree was moving along nicely and having only two I watched them closely, but apparently not close enough because the deer came… branches broke, peaches gone and all kinds of dirt kicked up from its pot. My lil heart you guys. It broke me when I saw. 💔

Broken peach tree

Earlier in the year we found this lil Fig baby growing randomly within our succulent bed and I couldn’t help but grab it out and pot it. Now it’s bushing out like crazy and seems to be enjoying its new home with all of the other fruit trees.

Fig baby

Our Pumpkin plant got a super late start this year. Normally I try to get them going in May but this year it didn’t happen till the beginning of this month 😱 I’m still very hopeful though that we will get some pumpkins for the fall. And I pray they are carveable because I just found these seeds in a grab bag in my garage called “pumpkin” 😂

Pumpkin start

Cantaloupes are going slow and steady. The heat has made me need to water them twice a day.

Cantaloupe vines

My onion garden didn’t exactly grow as planned but they did grow! We got very little ones and I’m honestly very uplifted by how they developed. I already have a new start going.

My first onion harvest

All in all I can’t complain much but I honestly wished I would have more encouraging news to share. A plus is that everyone around me is having a bumper crop and they are handing out the extra goodies to me in exchange for cookies and breads because in all honesty that game is always locked down for me 😅

Till next time! Hopefully I’ll have better news! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G🌱

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