A trip to the ER

A couple weeks ago a Friday started like any other day.

Sleepiness mixed with my one snooze alarm to start my morning with 10 minutes dedicating my day to the Lord.

After that it all got complicated. Danny, usually referred to as husband in my posts, seemed to just be having trouble. He said his sleep was weird and his neck was in a lot of pain.

He got up and made his coffee cup and not even 30 minutes of being up I found him back asleep on my side of the bed. “That’s odd,” I thought but figured I would wake him up before shower and he would get an extra 30 minutes in.

When I went to wake him he refused. He barely even moved. Seemed dead to the world, but breathing, I always check for that. So I let him sleep and tried again after I blow dried my hair.

He got up and without shower went to his office with his coffee cup. Minutes later while he was on a call I got messages from him saying things like; I’m afraid. I can’t remember anything from this week, what day is it? What month is it? Emily I’m scared.

I told him to get off the call and come back in so we could talk. It was an hour later before he came in and he was on a loop. Resetting to waking up basically every 10 to 15 minutes. When I suggested the ER, several times, he told me they didn’t know anything and he wouldnt go. He wanted to go back to bed for 2 hours. So I let him. Checking on him every 15-30 minutes to make sure his breathing was still there.

As I sat downstairs folding laundry in the quiet in case he started to call for me, I went deep into prayer. Praying God would make him want to go to the hospital. Praying God would bring back his memories fully.

After the 2 hours he wanted to sleep more. I said okay but was hesitant. He got up 10 minutes later going through the whole thing again, “Emily I’m scared. I don’t know what day it is. I can’t remember who I work for. Who are all of these people messaging me?”

Finally, after a few merry go round battles, I convinced him to let me take him to the hospital. I picked out his clothes for him while he was showering and he dressed in a dazed confusion. Knowing full well what ER times are like I quickly hurried through some chores before he finished blow drying his beard.

Then getting him into the car and getting him to agree I was driving was another story. Eventually he agreed while looking at me with pleading eyes saying for the 18th thousandth time, “Emily, oh Moo, you’re going to have to be the one in control here. I’m so scared, I’m just going to follow you I swear.”

The 35 minute drive he reset 2 times. And I cried when I had to remind him of his brother’s engagement, my brother’s divorce, our honeymoon trip we had been planning. I was on a whole other level of distracted driving.

Arrival at the ER went smoothly enough, he got checked in, looked over by the nurse who seemed stumped, put in a wheel chair and sat in the waiting area. “Thank God you remember me eah?” He smiled behind his mask agreeing, “Yes, thank Him for sure.” After another 35 minutes of waiting we got brought into the first set of doors to be seen by our first doctor.

“Seizures.” He plainly said. Danny made slight argument about that because it just didn’t seem right. He has had these dejvu spells for over 3 years now and no one had ever found anything. This was only the second time he had lost memory, which I had had to remind him of, and he felt it was seriously due to stress levels. “I don’t think so, but I’m ordering a Cat-scan and an EEG.” We waited in another waiting room for an hour.

In the next hospital bed he got the EEG which said he was all good and was carted away after to the cat-scan which came back good as well. They took blood, soooo much blood, and all of it came back normal. When the 2nd doctor came in to hear the story Danny got lost in it and wasn’t giving the entirety of it, but how could he? He didn’t remember! I ended up slightly shouting this point to the doctor the 3rd time he said with a confused face, “Wait, what’s happening?”

“He doesn’t know! He can’t remember the whole month of July and keeps resetting every 10-15 minutes! He’s 10 minute Tomming me! Why are you asking the person with limited memory why they are here?” I could hear in my head Danny’s ADHD brain going off in his head, “Hi, I’m Tom,” because his smile went fully to his eyes.

This doctor didn’t know what to think, but after lots of talking as he bounced from patients he finally got the information from Danny he needed to get a neurologist involved. Danny mentioned the smell that comes with the dejvu spells. It seemed to trigger some reaction from the doctor because next thing we know, Danny’s getting more blood drawn, he is getting the first round of epilepsy medications and I’m trying to find my way to and from the pharmacy in the hospital.

By 9:30 PM we where outta there and on our way to In N Out to get him some food. By the time we got home, neither of us could even eat it. We just zoned out a bit at the tv, I couldn’t even tell you if it was on to be honest.

And to be even more honest, I’m still dealing with that day. Mostly because we still have appointments and tests to do but also because it was a hell of a day. And defiantly not a day I care to repeat anytime soon and with stressers all coming with fire season there is going to be a lot of changes in our house on how we handle things here.

I’m naturally a ball of stress while Danny can be oblivious to it because of his helpful friend ADHD. He can pile onto his plate soo much and not notice anything is bothering him till a hospital trip is in order. I on the other hand am almost focused on mine too often. We will both be doing some adjustments this season to try and better control those tendencies. Pray for us. 😅

Well, on that note, I’m not really sure how to end this post soo…


Living. Loving. Driving.

Emily A G🚘

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