August Instagram Recap

August! What did you do to me?! Heat waves and then rain? Then another heat wave!?! Why was I not warned about this??

Quick question… have I mentioned how much I hate heat?

And then throw in a quick trip back to Tucson… oye. Too hot. Too too hot.

Oh and should I be including Loretta’s Instagram account in these recaps? I don’t post much for her at the moment but I’m trying to get back into the swing.

Where I’ll be all summer if you need me.
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Ready to take on the week 💪🏻
I’ve peed behind the coops twice tonight….
Gonna be an awesome harvest this Fall!
It’s here!!🎉 My new best friend has arrived! Thank you so much @rachel_the_crow !!!
Now please excuse me while I read all 30 days right this minute…
Hey @lynzies90 !!
Don’t tell my mom I let my nieces bleach my hair 😅😅😅
Just swinging our lives away.

Living. Loving. Praying for cold weather.

Emily A G🥵

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