Covid and Delta

As Covid continues to do it’s thing, Delta is up behind it ready to step in the ring.

I’ve been feeling promptings to start stocking up again on things. Things I told myself I didn’t have to worry about for awhile because things would be going back to normal.

But if you turn on the news lately- everything is anything but normal.

Every time I have a tickle in my throat I get panicked. Husband had to talk me down the other day because of the anxiety attack it caused and breathing exercises only make that itchy tickle worse…

Every time I turn around I feel like I can’t catch my breath. Have even told my husband it feels like any time I start feeling normal and okay again it’s like one of my fingers gets chopped off.

And that’s not only Covid/Delta related. (I mean California might run out of bacon!!!!)

So much is happening in world right now. Lives are being lost for reasons unexplainable. The whys and how comes that have been living in me are resurfacing in a way that I just don’t know how to deal.

So this how I’m dealing, trying to deal on a healthy way.

Maintain good breathing. Watch your diet. Don’t fuel yourself on sugar and caffeine. Keep your hands busy. Get outside. Talk to friends, as often as possible. I.e. don’t isolate. Bake some bread… And always plan slightly ahead.

And with that,

Living. Loving. Prepping.

Emily A G🏡

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