October 2021 Chicken Update!

I know, I know, you’ve all been wondering and are super curious as to how the chickens are… 😅 or maybe not, but I’m gonna tell you anyway! Because, oops who would’ve guessed, I’ve started actually enjoying these large birds.

Honestly wasn’t sure if I would like them all that much but turns out I do. And I’m trying to negotiate my way into getting more already and it gives the Husband some giggles and exhaustive sighs.

I forgot to pick up two the night before. That’s why there is 3 green/blue.

Eggs are rolling in at about 2-4 a day.

And every night 2-3 of the chickens sit on top of the coop and wait for us to tuck them into bed. It cracks me up and they squawk and make noise when we put them away too. Not sure how to get them into the coop on their own. Might get a second light…

One got jealous while Husband was holding the other.

We now have 2 Easter layers and 2 brown layers. So we get some pretty eggs and I’m ready to add a speckled variety to the bunch, because, why wouldn’t I? Also who knew 2-4 eggs a day wouldn’t exactly be enough?

They love, and I mean love, sunflower seeds, bananas, all lettuces and two have a major thing for tomatoes! I don’t know what it is about tomatoes but they loose their minds honestly.

Dust bath time

Most of the time they are sweet. Sometimes they peck and freak out on each other, not us luckily. But that’s okay I think. At least that’s what I’ve read…

All in all as I’m sure you guessed, the ladies are doing well and are happy and healthy from what I can tell.

Living. Loving. Gathering.

Emily A G🥚

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