My goodness-

It’s almost November.

And I think I’ve forgotten to post like 3 times this month because of all of the things going on.

Lately I have been lending my hands out to help neighbors with chores and work as well as trying to manage all of my own things.

We’ve had some wonderful news come into our lives this month and I can’t wait to share it with you as soon as it starts to develop out more. (Oh and for everyone thinking I’m pregnant, I’m not.) Last thing I want to do is jinx it 😅

One of the major blessings that’s happened this month that I can talk about is that, thank You Lord, we had the zero red flag warnings this month, minimal Santa Ana winds, and we got RAIN! Like some legit moisture content rain!!

And in other good news today marks on 58 more days till Christmas! And I’m not ready at all 😅but I’m getting my butt in gear soon hopefully. I’ll probably feel the pressure more once the tree is up…

Later gators-

Living. Loving. Hurrying.

Emily A G🌦

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