October Instagram Recap

As I wrote in my last post this past month has been all over the place for us.

When I started the garden last month I’m telling you I had no idea how well it would be going and I’m so proud and impressed.

*This is me thinking about patting myself on the back.

Starting the month off in my happy place 🌱
#inthegarden #fall
Sunrises over sunsets.
Finally getting back into my routines 🙌🏻
@cookscornerbar views tonight.
I love me a rainy cloudy night here.
In either rain or shine, Friday’s are my laundry day.
Btw #notcomplaining I’m beyond thankful for the rain!!
Made seafood broth with our leftover lobster tails from @ruthschris steakhouse 😍🥩🦞
Pea-utiful 🌱
Always been something about the pine trees to me…
Somedays they seem like they are for me.
#haven #canyonlife #pinetrees
One of my favorite views is the view from my up top garden.
Gives me so much joy to see all of the work I’ve done and all of the work I still get to do. 🙌🏻
⛰ #canyonviews
I made wine and cheese dinner for the moo. #wineandcheese
Good morning moon 🌙

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G📸

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