Happy Thanksgiving! 2021

This year we are trying something I never even thought of…

Going to a restaurants Thanksgiving buffet!!

I know, I know, something is weird about it. But in all honesty I knew it would happen at some point.

This year, I was offered to cook thanksgiving for my husband and mother in law but with only 5 days notice so I said “no thank you” and got the first glimpse into her plan.

Diftwood Kitchen in Laguna Beach is a beautiful place with gorgeous views over looking the ocean and has a killer drink and seafood menu.

Although I knew though of eating crab cakes for thanksgiving I gotta point out I’m not one to argue 😉

They will have the usual traditional type dishes but then also scallops, sashimi tuna, crab and other yummy fishies. As well as a whole plethora of pies to finish off the meal.

As much as my gut got a major check when I heard it wouldn’t be our normal way I can’t help but be excited that we get to go out. With countries going back on weekly lockdowns I’m almost prepping that we will have to do the same again too so I’m going to live it up just a smidge before I’m told I can’t anymore 😂

And on that note I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and gets to be around the ones they are thankful for the most.

Living. Loving. Eating.

Emily A G🦃

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