Recent Project List

Christmas is more then on its way at this point and instead of doing my usual 25 days of BlogMas count down I decided I’m going to keep it light and share throughout the month the projects I’ll be working on and am in the process of working on for the holidays and updates around the home.

Hand stitching- I have a few pieces I am working on as Christmas for this year. I found a cute pattern idea with pine trees and snow flakes and creating little stuffed Christmas tree ornaments. Also I’ve been playing with a larger scene as a gift for the MIL. Praying I have it done in time! 🙏🏻

Gardening- My winter garden is thriving right now and I’m so thankful for it. I feel like Jesus Himself is looking down and taking care of all of my cabbages, Brussels sprouts and sugar snap peas. Boy golly the sugar snap peas! Has anyone ever seen purple and pink pea flowers?! I’m truly in love I want to just start them as ornamental! But come to find out they are a special variety that was added into my batch somehow! Royal Sugar Peas?!

Neighbor gift baskets- this year the list has growwnn! Which means the amounts of things has grown and my stress level has gone along. 😅 Quick breads, seasoning salts, maybe a baked good or two and I’m calling it a day on that one.

Mending- good golly the mending list. Mostly it’s my one bed quilt that was shredded by the cats and I couldn’t bare to look at it anymore. Let me just say this- lots and lots of patches. Lots. I’m very hopeful to have it finished by winter but as you see from the rest of the list above, I’ll do my best.

The new work shed! At the moment it’s just a pile of scraps sitting in the yard under a tarp but within the next couple weeks Husband has big plans to get it into a way he can start working on all of his own projects! Finally!

Oh and our newest addition to the work list is rain proofing. Re rain proofing to be exact. Things need to be reshuffled around the yard and the chickens need a better set up out of the rain and wind. Poor girls just look so miserable during the storms. Just this week we had some major mud slides in our canyons as well as mandatory evacuations due to mud flow because of the burn scar. Luckily, that’s not an issue for us on our end but the roads being out of commission does cause an inconvenience to say the least. Oh! That reminds me I gotta check our emergency food and water supplies…

A bit of the most recent storm

Annnnd that’s it. Basically. There’s also the possibility of 2 more chickens arriving so cross your fingers for me that they come through! There will be a chicken update post for sure if they get here.

Living. Loving. Working.

Emily A G😅

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