Garden Update December

I had to share in more depth what’s been going on in my gardens.

I honestly don’t feel like my Projects List post did it as much as it deserves.

Brussels Sprouts are growing happy and tall. They have a slight lean at the moment because of the sun movement but I have no way to change that soooo I’ll just see what happens.

Squash: soooo I accidentally left one of my seed jars open during a rain storm and it got soaked! I figured eah what the heck and planted them anyway to see if anything would happen. I thought at most I’d get maybe two to spring up and tbh I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of seed la they were because the marker had all smeared off. So squash is my best guess, and my goodness they exploded! I have over 25 starts just going bananas on me! I would’ve never guessed. Let’s just hope they all make it through winter. I’m in the process of trying to get them all spectated out and maybe moved into the kitchen for winter storage. One day I’ll get my greenhouse!

Potatoes got BEAT UP during the last rain and wind storm. Broke almost all of my stalks other than 2 and they are getting taller and thicker.

Sugar Snap Peas are going crazy right now along with my purple peas! Those peas are so incredible to look at. I swear I’ve probably taken wayyyy too many photos of just this plant 😅

Cabbage: not only do I have these in the photos but another 6! I’m going to have a hugggge supply of cabbage soon and I’m not gonna know what to do with it all. Hopefully I’ll get a root cellar next year- meaning a hole in the ground at this point bricked in so I can store it all.

Meyer Lemon Tree is growing stably. It got knocked over and bonked a bit during the last storms but it looks it will recover easily.

Yellow Tomatoes are something that started a few weeks ago by some weird miracle. I honestly don’t know where it came from! But it looks happy enough and it’ll be coming inside before the next rain.

Ranunculus Flowers some how started already and I have no idea how that happened! Crazy California weather is my only thought.

Other then that, not much happening other then clearing leaves and fixing up things after the rain. Lots and lots and lots of cleaning after the rains. There is a lot of homes that have already gotten major damage. I’m hopeful things won’t get much worse than it’s already been.

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G🪴

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